Trouble is coming for the killbillies

Farmer Family 2015

It's been 9 months since the Farmer Family terrorized folks in Pennsylvania. Of recent it's been quiet. Yes quiet indeed. But fall is coming soon enough and the reanimation of terror is upon us. Soon the family will once again expose the unclean souls among us. Is your soul pure enough to pass judgment?

Last fall the Farmer Family terrorized folks at the Haunted Hillside while under the demonic control of the Harvester. Those that failed to escape this family of simple Killbillies lost their souls to the Harvester while their bodies were transformed into scarecrows and sackboys operating under an evil enchantment. Their only purpose, to deliver more souls to the Harvester.

Winter and spring have come and gone, summer is almost past while the Farmer family remains as demented as ever. However, stories of their cannibalistic antics have drawn the attention of the authorities. Law enforcement has remained unsuccessful locating the killbillies as the harvester has cast a concealing enchantment to keep them hidden in a dimension within our own. This family walks among us, snatching victims for their amusement and to feed their appetite.

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