The Story

What is Haunted Hillside you ask?

Season 1 (2014)

Some years ago, 2 young boys discovered a strange item while playing in a field. Upon unearthing this item, not only did they unlock an ancient prison, but they awoke a demon that cast an evil enchantment across the land.
Caught up in this enchantment was the Farmer family. Their minds twisted and their souls enslaved by the demon. The family began to capture and kill passers-by. Harvesting the souls for the demon and leaving the bodies to be re-animated as scarecrows and sackboys to assist the collection more innocent souls for the demon.

Season 2 (2015)

Now as one might have guessed, this kind of craziness cannot go on too long without reaching the ears of the authorities. Upon learning of this unearthly power residing in south western Pennsylvania, the government dispatched a black ops team to investigate and seize control of the situation. Their goal was to capture the demon and use it as a weapon of mass destruction.

The black ops team discovered and destroyed the Farmer family’s home, but not the family themselves. These killbillies continued to terrorize the countryside while fighting the black ops team.

The battle between the killbillies and the black ops team culminated in an epic battle on Halloween night 2015. In the aftermath of this of this epic fight the entire black ops team was laid to waste. Gone is the Quarantine zone where the military would weed out the infected. The only remnants of the black ops team are the bodies of the soldiers scattered about.

Season 3 (2016)

However, it was not the killbillies that exterminated the soldiers. Who then, you might ask, wiped out the military? Haunted Hillside fans that visited us in 2015 may recall seeing an occult that took up residency in the Forest of the Forgotten. This occult had tapped into the power of the cosmos opening a portal to another dimension. The cultists were able to direct the energy from within this portal to lay waste to the military team. Their goal is to use the demon’s power to keep the portal open. For what reason? Only time may tell.

Season 4 (2017)

As the occult draws from the demon’s power, he grows weaker. The demon corn of Scarecrow Alley has been lain to despair, but this doesn’t stop the scarecrows from terrorizing victims that dare to tread across it.
The occult and the killbillies are still battling for control over Haunted Hillside. The killbillies have formed an alliance with the Coven of Ursula to drive the occult from the property.
The coven have been worshipping the demon upon its release from it's prison so many years ago. Like the killbillies they too are in service to the demon.

SEASON 5 (2018)

The battle between the killbillies, the Coven of Ursula and the bone cult to free or enslave the demon rages on. Control ebbs and flows back and forth from one faction to the next. Amid this struggle for power we discover yet another character that has been pulled into this evil enchantment…

Allister Heck was a bit of a recluse who chose to live among God’s creatures rather than other men. For many a year he was content to live off the land in harmony with the nature that surrounded him. He foraged and hunted for his meals while only occasionally venturing back into civilization to trade animal pelts for provisions.

When the demon was released from his prison, Allister was also caught in the evil enchantment. With his mind twisted and deranged from the enchantment, he began to hunt more than just the creatures of the forest. Allister not only harvests souls for the demon, but also adds their pelt his collection of hides.

Can you make it through past Allister?

Come out to Haunted Hillside in Mount Pleasant to get a taste of what feels like to actually be in a scary movie!

This haunted attraction is entirely outdoors, but we are open rain or shine. You will start and end with a hayride, but there is a mile long hike through the supernatural in between, so dress appropriately.