Kornelius Oswald Farmer aka “Captain Krunch”

Elder brother to Pa Farmer, Kornelius is rumored to be a former resident and veteran of Fayette NAM, (Fayette County, PA) and has no record of birth or military service.

“Captain Krunch” suffers from a severe case of PTSD and is fire driven and prone to violent fits of screaming and banter. Captain Krunch can be seen and heard across the hills and hollows of Haunted Hillside. The captain beats the scarecrow and sack boys that have succumb to their withered, decrepit, rotting exhaustion, making them continue to funnel trespassers to their untimely fates with efficiency and precision.

Avoid at all costs, the Captain chews on rusty nails that he pokes into the ears of victims so that they can hear his rants correctly and sufficiently.

Hard to tell where he will be stalking along your way. He will attempt to ease the fear of trespassers with a collection of corny jokes prior to sending them into oblivion.

Reserve your ticket to meet the captain.


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