Bubba Farmer

Hey y’all! Meet Bubba. Thats Bu.. uhhh Ubba! Bubba is the most mild mannered of the group, funny yet angry all in one. Suffering from a touch of multi personality disorder. Previously being a welder, Bubba spends his free time working on the body of his rusty old pick up truck, while guarding the entrance to Helltown. Bubba hates being bothered by uninvited guests, and doesn’t like to make his Pa' angry. Bubba just may slice you up with his favorite rusty machete if you dare enter, and may even keep your skin to make a nice cozy flannel for himself. Bubba likes the pretty smelling girls, and likes to eat a finger or two now and then of unsuspecting trespassers. Taunting, teasing, and having fun with the guests is Bubba's job. Talking in third person most of the time, some say Bubba isn't very smart, but Bubba is the one who ya’ll will meet once you step thru the killbillies door! Don't anger Bubba, because he may seem harmless, but will kill you before you even get the chance to meet the rest of his family.

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